Florida History Day 2019

Florida History Day participants from Escambia County

Florida History Day participants from Escambia County

Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year’s Florida History Day state competition!

I wanted to make these photos available to the families from Escambia County who participated.

Please follow this link to access the photos. There are three sets of photos: a few highlights from Monday, a set with photos of every Junior and Senior exhibit (those still there during the public viewing time), and a set with the award recipients from Tuesday’s award ceremony.

I’m providing these as a gift to our families. To download the digital file, please use PIN 3567. If you use the photos in print or online, please tag/credit Kate Treick Photography (FB) or @ktreickphotog (Instagram).

You are welcome to have made prints of these photos. Most are cropped to 4x6, but a few are 8x10. I recommend mpix.com for online printing. If you would like to order prints through me at volume pricing, you may do so through the gallery website shopping cart and the prints will be shipped to you. There is no obligation to do so—it’s simply offered for your convenience.

I hope these photos bring back happy memories. Again, good work, everyone!